3 Reasons Your Smart Home Gets You to Work on Time

With school-age kids, morning routines are guaranteed to be a little hectic. With their back to school schedules colliding with your work schedules, it may add a little extra stress in the mornings.

A great way to avoid this added stress is equipping your home with a Smart Home Security system. You’ll be thankful for the few extra minutes you shave off your morning routine twice a day – once when you’re leaving the house, and once again when you get to work.

Get out of the house faster in the morning

Getting the kids to school and getting yourself to work on time sometimes seems like a race against the clock, but it can take even longer without a Smart Home Security System.

Sentry Security can help – as your kids head outside, you can check your smartphone to monitor the status of your windows and your doors, and if everything looks good, you can simply close your door and lock your smart lock.

If you’re the first one in the car waiting for your kids, you can also use your smartphone to lock your door and arm your security system.

No “U-turn where possible”

Worried that you forgot to lock the front door in your rush out of the house this morning? You no longer have to worry about making a U-turn to go back to the house and check.

With the help of Sentry Security’s smartphone app, we can send you a reminder that your house is left unsecured, along with the option to secure it. With just a tap on your phone, you can lock down your home in confidence.

Save time and money

When you’re in a hurry out of your house in the morning, your energy bill is probably the last thing on your mind – that’s why Sentry Security takes care of it for you.

With our Geo-services, the same feature that reminds you to secure your house also uses your smartphone to signal to your thermostat that you left. While you’re gone, your thermostat will set to a “savings mode” in order to save you money, but when you’re on your way back home, it signals your thermostat to turn back up to the right temperature when you arrive back home.

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