5 Reasons Sentry Security’s Wireless Security System Will Benefit You

By untethering your home from old, wired security technology, Sentry Security’s wireless security system makes life much easier. Our wireless technology keeps you informed of the important things happening at home, but also adapts with your changing needs.

Consider these five reasons to go wireless with Sentry Security:

1: You won’t have to worry about cut cables

With a traditional wired security system, phone and cable lines are susceptible to being cut, thus resulting in system failure. Sentry Security uses a secure cellular connecting, enabling real time awareness and alerts from your home. Our wireless system is here to help you combat many of the vulnerabilities you may be exposed to when using another system.

Picture this: your power, phone, or internet service goes out during a storm. With a wired security system, this would be a huge problem, but Sentry Security’s wireless system uses a secure, dedicated cellular connection and battery powered back-up, so an alarm will always be signaled in an emergency.

2: It’s easier and faster

With Sentry Security, it’s easy to replace an existing system or add a new one. We have an extensive selection of security panels and wireless sensors and devices that will help meet your needs, but also match your décor.

Our systems are easy to install and more often than not, you’re able to use existing sensors from an old system. And, even if you do need new sensors, you won’t need to waste time running wires through your home.

Another huge benefit of the cellular connection is the improved ability for your service provider to support and troubleshoot from their customer service center. This way, problems can be handled quickly and effectively, rather than forcing the customer to wait for a technician to visit and diagnose the problem.


3: It’s flexible

Since wireless sensors are easy to move (and add), you can use them to keep track of all sorts of things around your home. Door and window sensors are small enough to keep tabs on a medicine cabinet, monitor the gate to your pool, or make sure that a safe isn’t accessed without your knowledge. Increasing awareness of what goes on in your home is just as important to Sentry Security as it is to you.

4: It’s easy to expand

Do you ever feel like your current security system isn’t doing enough for you? As your family and home grows and changes, you may need to make some changes to your security system as well. Sentry Security’s wireless technology is portable, flexible, and adapts to your needs.

No matter what you may need to add in the future, you can be confident that your security system will easily expand to accommodate to your needs.

5: It’s the foundation of home protection

The Smart Home platform that powers Sentry Security’s Smart Home Security systems supports a full range of connected devices that go beyond security to make your home smarter and more efficient.

You can easily see what’s happening at home with HD video, manage your energy use with a smart thermostat, and control access to your home with automated locks and integrated garage door controls.

Sentry Security is here to help you in your journey to create a smart home today.

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