5 Tips to Preparing Your Home for Summer

house-on-lakeThe summer is prime time for kicking back, and enjoying the beautiful weather that has surely been missed all year. But as the seasons change the summer months can bring there own set of struggles for homeowners. Don’t let the sunny skies get the best of you and your home this summer, check out some of our tips for keeping your home in tip top shape while saving some major money.

5. Laundry

One of the biggest consumers of energy in your home comes straight from your laundry room. That’s right washing your clothes especially is hot water is an easy way to jack up your bills this summer. We suggest washing your clothes is cold water whenever possible. The less hot water you use the less energy you consume. Also it’s important to note that doing your laundry in bigger loads will help reduce costs as well because it will lower the amount of time you need to wash your clothing.

4. Air Conditioner

It is always a good idea to clean out your condensing unit of your outside unit at least once a year. Start by turning the unit off and removing any leaves or items caught in or around the outside box. Once that’s finished try replacing the air filters inside your home. This should be done every couple months at least to help keep your heating and cooling systems in tip top shape.

3. Ceiling Fans

One of the easiest ways to help minimize your air conditioning costs this summer is install ceiling fans in your home. It will help circulate the air within your home more efficiently, and depending on the season can either help heat or cool off your home. Remember that during the summer months you want your fan to rotate counter-clockwise to ensure the fan is filling the room with cool air and vice versa for the winter. It is also important to try and remember to not leave your ceiling fan when you’re not home. Ceiling fans can easily start fires, and that’s not something anyone wants to be dealing with.

2. Windows

Your windows play a bigger role in your home than you may think, and if you don’t take the proper precautions they could end up costing you a lot more than you anticipated. Start by checking to make sure all your windows open and close properly, and aren’t missing any important weather stripping. If any weather stripping is missing be sure to replace it. Be sure to invest in some curtains.

1. Water Heater

Cleaning out your hot water heater can be a daunting task but in terms of preparing your home for summer it is hands down a must! Throughout the year rust, lime sediment, and accumulation of other sediments can build up over time in your hot water heater. Taking a hose to drain out your hot water heater can save yourself a lot of trouble in the long run. If you have an electric water heater these same elements can sometimes coat the heating unit, and can affect the overall function of your system. Do your home a favor and clean out your hot water heater this summer!

Hope these tips gave you some insight as to how to prepare your home for the coming summer months. Be sure to check out Sentry Security for more helpful tips on how to protect your home from all the elements that life throws your way!

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