Adding an Image Sensor to Your Home


The next generation of traditional motion sensors has arrived! Image sensors that are small, streamlined, and enhanced with an onboard camera are designed exclusively for our wireless Smart Home Security systems. You will receive intelligent alerts about motion detected activity in your home, along with a picture to see what’s happening.

What does an image sensor do?

These sensors can be installed virtually anywhere when you set up a security system in your home. Once installed, it can send motion-triggered snapshots of activity to your smartphone.

Why is an image sensor important in a smart home?

In addition to visual verification, image sensors can trigger other devices to act. For example, an image sensor can trigger devices such as smart lights to activate when you walk in front of it.

How does it work?

This image sensor has a Passive Infra-Red (PIR) detector to sense activity day and night, along with an onboard color camera with a night-vision LED flash, allowing you always see what’s going on. These sensors run on batteries and wirelessly connect to your security system, which means no external wiring is required! It can be installed in corners or on flat surfaces, at almost any angle.

These devices also use cellular connection, rather than relying on Wi-Fi or broadband. This way, even if your power and Internet are out, the device is still able to send images. These images are also stored in a “cloud,” enabling you to access them anytime.

How can I get one?

Image sensors are a component of our Smart Home Security systems. You can add as many systems as you like. Speak directly with one of Sentry Security representatives today!

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