’s Apple Watch App

New Technology? No problem!

With the release of the new iPhones (and the new Apple Watch), home security lays at your fingertips now more than ever. Our partners at have you covered! They have created an app that extends the power of from your smartphone to wrist, creating new ways to interact with your Smart Home.

You can enjoy all the benefits of the smartphone app without even taking your phone out of your pocket! Here are a few ways the app makes your life safer, smarter, and more efficient:

In a rush to work this morning?

No problem! One quick tap on your app arms your security system (and turns down your AC) as you leave, you just forget about one thing – closing the garage door.

While you’re on your way to work, you get a light tap on the wrist. It’s an actionable notification, powered by our Geo-Services location-based automation, letting you know about the garage. By simply tapping the button on the notification, you can close the door instantly.

When the in-laws come early

It was a hectic week and you must have forgotten about your relatives coming to stay, but don’t worry if they’re early and waiting on your porch.

With’s access control on your wrist, you can disarm your alarm system and unlock your smart locks in order to let them in. You don’t even have to leave your meeting!

Lazy Sundays?

Imagine you’re relaxing in bed, binge watching your favorite TV show and you’re almost comfortable, but it’s too hot in the house.

Just a tap on the wrist adjusts your Smart Thermostat to the right temperature. No need to walk to the thermostat because you’re wearing the controls. You’ll find that this becomes a natural way to control other connected devices, like smart lighting.

Ready for Bed?

Time to secure your home whole home for the night with one single action! A top on your app can arm your security system, which triggers your smart locks to lock, your garage door to close, and your outside lights to turn off. It can even trigger your thermostat to turn the temperature down for a more comfortable night’s sleep.


Check out the new app for Apple Watch created by our partners at! Apple Watch App

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