Burglary and Summer Vacations

Sunny summer weather is rapidly approaching and so is vacation excitement. While you are away on vacation, though, it’s important not to leave your house unprotected. According to the FBI, Home Break-In (Burglary) is not only the most common threat to a home, but also occurs every 13 seconds. Listed below are some precautions you and your family can take in order to prevent damage or burglary to your home.

Check Doors and Windows Before Leaving

Shut all doors and windows and ensure that all locks work properly. This will prevent a burglar from having easy access to the inside of your house. This increases the likelihood of a burglar being seen trying to break into your house.

Enjoy Your Vacation

By revealing specific details about where and when you’ll be gone, you are allowing criminals to target your home while you are away. With Sentry Security, you’ll have the ability to remotely control your security system from home or away, get real time updates and alerts, and stay aware of activity back home. Our security cameras can stream live video, sense movement and trigger email and text video clip alerts to your smartphone, making it easy to keep an eye on your house while you’re away.

Use Light Timers While You Are Gone

A dark house for multiple days may indicate an empty house to anyone who may be watching. Sentry Security’s automatic light schedules can be used on televisions, radios, and lights. With one click your everyday schedule will adjust your lights with a give or take of about 45 minutes.


Can’t Remember If You Armed Your System?

Make sure you activate an alarm system and contact local police before you leave in order to reduce chances of a successful burglary. Sentry Security allows you to access video feeds, arm your alarm system, and lock your doors, all from your smartphone!

Ask A Trusted Neighbor To Keep An Eye On Your Property

A neighbor will be able to notify you if any problems are occurring while you are away. Should any suspicious activity occur on your property, your neighbors will be on site to prevent possible burglary and give a witness statement. With Sentry Security’s custom access codes, neighbors and pet-sitters will be able to come and go as they need. Codes for scheduled visitors can be set to only work on certain days and times when you expect them at your home.

It’s important to keep your home protected and your family safe while you’re away on vacation, and these tips will help you do so. Have a safe and sunny summer!


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