Four Ways Sentry Security’s Geo-Services Benefit You

Imagine what your house could do for you while you’re not around. Wouldn’t it be nice for you thermostat to set itself to the perfect temperature when you arrive? What if you leave the front door unlocked? Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a notification so you know?

With a Sentry Security Smart Home, all of this is possible. Thanks to Geo-services, our location-based home automation feature, you’ll be able to control your home on your Smartphone, regardless of where you are.

It works by using your smartphone’s location to determine where you are, relative to your home’s location. When you reach a certain distance from your home (defined by a “geo-fence” that you create), Geo-services can take a range of actions on your behalf.

Accidentally leave your home unsecured? No problem!

There’s nothing worse than walking into work and wondering whether or not you actually remembered to lock the front door. With Geo-services, you won’t have to worry anymore. If you ever leave your house without arming your security system, our app will notify you as soon as you cross your geo-fence. Thanks to the simplicity of our app and the ability to remote control your system, you’ll never need to turn around and go back – just tap your phone and your system will be set!

Bright homes on a dark evening

Along with reminders, Geo-services can also automate certain tasks. One example of this is lighting. You can program your smart lighting solution to come on when you cross your Home geo-fence, your lights will turn on and your entryway will be brightly lit when you arrive home.

Save energy and enjoy comfort

Turning down your heating and cooling when you leave your house saves you energy and money, but when you’re rushing out of the house, sometimes it’s the last thing you think of. If you have a smart thermostat integrated into your security system, your heating and cooling will automatically adjust to the temperatures you set when you cross your geo-fence.

Turn off your video monitoring while you’re at home

It’s important not to miss an important video monitoring event while you’re away from your home, but there’s less of a need for monitoring while you’re at home. Geo-services can automatically pause your home monitoring while you’re in your home geo-fence – meaning no recordings of you and your family.

Learn how we can help you utilize Geo-services.

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