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You’re not rushing but you’re in a hurry. Your bags, which you waited till the last minute to pack, are at your side. You pull out your boarding pass and begin to study it, while simultaneously glancing at the bank of TVs ahead of you and your watch, like a driver checking their mirrors on the highway. As you reach your gate, you take a breath. You’ve got 30 minutes till they begin boarding and you think to yourself, “Just enough time to grab a quick bite.” That’s when it hits you.

“Did I lock the doors?”

At first you shrug it off, now’s not the time to be a little OCD. Then you begin to retrace your steps and you begin to worry.

“How many lights did you leave on? Did I ever drop off my spare key with the Thompsons? How are they going to check on the house?”

Sentry Interactive

Sentry Security now offers an exciting new service that can not only answer but also solve each of those concerns. Our Sentry Interactive service, powered by, lets you monitor your home with a smart phone, tablet, or computer.

With the Sentry Interactive service you can:


Turn Lights On or Off

Help conserve energy when you’re away by turning off lights in your home.

Open the Door Remotely

If you need to let a friend or neighbor in to your home while you’re away, you can now unlock your home remotely.

Control the Temperature

Help conserve energy by remotely monitoring and adjusting your house’s thermostat.

Monitor Video of the Home

If you want to check on your home, you can watch live streams of your home’s video surveillance.

Open or Close Your Garage Door

Open or close your garage door remotely.

To learn more about how Sentry Interactive can make your life a whole lot simpler: visit Sentry Interactive or call us at: (847) 535-7200.

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