How to be the “Coolest” House in the Neighborhood

Are you wasting money running your air conditioner with doors and windows open? Let Sentry Security help!

By using our smart thermostat, you can stop wasting your energy and your money.

How our smart thermostat works

Unlike other smart thermostats, ours knows everything that’s happening it’s important your home secured during the summer around your home, including when your doors and windows are open, thanks to the accompanying security system.

If a door or window equipped with a contact sensor is opened, the thermostat is triggered to set back into ‘savings’ mode. When you close the window, the thermostat is triggered to set back into ‘comfort’ mode.

If your kids keep leaving doors and windows open, rather than continually reminding them to close them, you can equip your thermostat to send you an alert when a door or window is open, that way you’re able to take care of it. After the door or window is closed, the thermostat returns to ‘comfort’ mode automatically afterwards.


This feature is also customizable. If people are continually going in and out of the house, you can put a delay on the front door auto-setback to account for people coming and going, so it will only act after five minutes or ten minutes (or however long you prefer). You can also choose the ‘savings’ mode you want by adjusting how many degrees the thermostat sets back by.

Stop wasting your money trying to “cool down the neighborhood”

Using Sentry Security’s smart thermostat, you are able to save energy and money faster than ever before. No other thermostat can do this – they just don’t have the intelligence. With real-time knowledge of activity inside and outside the home, a smart thermostat can be an important addition to your smart home this summer.

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