Keep an Eye on Your Entire Home Without Ever Leaving the Couch!

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Imagine this – you’re curled up on the couch after a long week, ready to finally relax, and then the doorbell rings. Is it the kid from next door? A package? More importantly, do you need to get up and answer the door?

Thankfully, you’ll be able to know the answer with just a few quick clicks of your Amazon Fire TV Stick remote and navigate to the video monitoring screen of your app.

Broadcast your home right on your TV!

Our partners, have created an app that brings your home’s security and visual monitoring to the most important screen in your house – your television. This app allows you to view up to four screens at once. From the comfort of your couch, you’re able to view full HD live feed from any cameras in and around your home.

Sentry Security already offers a huge range of ways to use video monitoring, including Smart Clips, triggered video alerts, live streaming, continuous recording and offside video storage. If you’re worried about your kids in the backyard while you’re relaxing on the couch, we have all-weather cameras available. For the kids’ bedrooms or the upstairs landing, there are cameras with night vision.

And, if someone does ring the doorbell and you don’t want to get up, Sentry can easily install a camera above your front door. This way, when your doorbell rings and you’re too comfortable to get up, you don’t have to worry about finding out who it is or if you have to get up and answer it!

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