Keep Intruders Away by Improving Front Porch Technology

Front porches are very unique spaces – both secluded and social. In the summer, it’s a nice place to sit and chat with family and neighbors, while in the fall, it’s a nice place to sit and enjoy the cool weather and all the neighborhood children’s Halloween costumes. They’re a place for greetings and welcomes, evenings shared, and goodbyes until next time.

Although front porches have become an essential part of the American culture, it can also be a functioning part of your home and security system. A few subtle additions to your front porch can amplify the safety of your home, making it an even more enjoyable area to use.

Who’s at the door?

Picture this – the rest of your family is out for dinner and you stayed home because you’re sick. It’s a dark night and the doorbell rings. How comfortable will you feel answering the door all alone?

Luckily, with a connected video camera discreetly installed on your porch, you’ll be able to see exactly who’s on the front porch whenever you hear that knock. Using your smartphone or Amazon Fire TV, you’ll be able to instantly know who’s at the door – whether it’s a friend, a neighbor or the pizza man.


What is your dark porch hiding?

Motion triggered smart lighting ensures that the way into and out of your house is always well lit. This means that not only are your visitors less likely to slip on wet leaves or trip over packages, but also deters potential intruders from your home. Smart lighting can also be scheduled for certain times of the day in order make your home look occupied

Worried about losing your front porch key?

No worries! Adding a smart lock to your security system lets your replace jingling door keys with remote smartphone control or a four-digit passcode. Everyone living in your home (and visitors of your choosing) can have their own key code – which allows you to get rid of the key under the mat and know whose coming and going.

A keyless lock can also be convenient when carrying in something heavy from the car – with just the click of a button your front door is unlocked, making it that much easier to get everything into the house quickly, and if you have kids that you struggle getting out of the house quickly in the morning, a keyless front door makes for a quick and easy lock-up!

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