Lost Your House Keys Again? No problem!

New technology is rapidly advancing, and Sentry Security can present you with the latest, greatest home security tools. Our newest technology has transformed the humble door lock into a Smart Home Security device that enhances your homes security with keyless access, user identification, and even automated control of other devices around your home?

What is a smart lock?

In short, a smart lock lets you open and lock your door without a key. Using a numerical keypad, you’ll be able to open your door using a four-digit user code, so no more worries about losing your house keys!

Why is this important in my home?

By installing a smart lock, you gain smart access control, awareness, and automated convenience.

Smart access control allows you to give access to whomever you want – family, friends, and other trusted visitors. Since everyone gets their own four-digit codes, you’ll always know who is entering the house. When someone such as a carpenter needs temporary access to your home, you can set an expiry date on their code. That way, their access stops working after the project is complete.


Awareness is a tremendous benefit of the Smart Home Security System because it gives you peace of mind. Smart access control lets you create alerts that tell you when people unlock the door using their specific user code. Are you worried about your kids getting home from school safely because you won’t be home for hours? No problem! You can receive a smartphone alert every time your kids use their code to unlock the door.

A smart lock trigger can also be set to trigger other devices throughout your home, saving you time and even money. When you lock your door in the morning before you leave for work, your smart lock can trigger your security system to arm, your garage door to close, and your lights to turn off.

How do I get one?

To benefit from all the Smart Home features listed above, contact Sentry Security and receive a free consultation today!

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