Protecting Your Home Over the Holidays

The holidays are here and before you begin travelling be sure to check out these tips to protect your home while you are away. Burglary isn’t the only issue threatening homes this time of year. According to Allstate, fire claims jump 15% during the holidays, theft is up 7%, and sewer back-up claims are 19% higher than average. During these busy, chaotic, family filled days be sure to take the time to prevent any damage to your home. Review some of the precautions your family can take this season below:

Hold the mail
Letters and newspapers cluttering your porch let others know that you and your family are not at home. Simply fill out one of these online forms to alert the post office to hold your mail.

Remove hidden spare keys
Since no one will be home, there is no reason for your spare keys to remain hidden around your home. This only makes it easier for burglars to gain access to your home.

Blow out your candles
Candles are the most common cause of home fires during the holidays, so take the time to check that they are out before leaving your home. Whether you are travelling or just running to the store, its not a waste of time.’

Unplug unnecessary appliances
This will save your home from a potential electrical fire or power surge while you are gone. Don’t forget to leave one or two things plugged in on timers to create the illusion that someone is home.

Alert your alarm company and local police
Be sure to fill in your alarm company of travel plans and give them contact information in case anything happens. Also, some local police stations may let you sign up for daily home drive-bys and will alert you if anything seems out of the ordinary.

This is a tip to protect your wallet. Be sure to turn down your heat while you are gone. Lower your thermostat to 55 degrees, warm enough to prevent your pipes from freezing but cold enough to save you some money. Consider lowering the temperature of your water heater as well.

We hope these tips keep you and your family safe. From Sentry Security’s family to yours, have a great holiday.

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