Protecting Your Vacation Home with Sentry Security

At Sentry Security, we are committed in helping property owners keep tabs on their homes, even if they’re not there all the time. Here’s a list of tips to protect any other property you may own:

Stay in control

Turning off cable and internet services, but not cutting off access is very important to save money. Obtaining an interactive home security system that uses a cellular connection is a very cost effective way to secure your home. With our Image Sensors, you’ll be able to check on your home while you’re away.

Stop floods and damage

With the use of flood sensors, power outage notifications and temperature alerts, you’ll be aware of heating and cooling malfunctions so you’ll be able to take action quickly and prevent as much damage as possible.

Know who’s coming and going

Picture this – there’s a problem in your home and you’re not around to fix it, how do you let someone in? Access control and alerts let you open the door for a repairman regardless of where you are. With access control, you’re also able to keep tabs on who enters and leaves your home.


If a smoke alarm goes off and no one’s around to hear it, did it really go off?

Smoke detectors continue to get smarter and smarter, and today’s connected home shuts down the HVAC to reduce the spread of fire, and alerts a personalized list of local contacts so they’re able to take action if you’re not around.

Manage your energy use

Worried about spending too much money on wasted energy in your vacation home? You can keep your energy bills down with remote control, and you can even turn up your heat as you’re driving in for a visit. You’ll also be able to automate lights and blinds to simulate activity in the house and prevent burglaries.

Learn how Sentry can help protect your vacation home.

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