Renters Rejoice! DIY Home Security Systems

Securing your home or apartment has always been a little bit more difficult for renters. It’s never an easy to invest in a home security system, especially when you don’t own the property. That’s not even considering that most leases include stipulations that make installing traditional security systems difficult.

But now, there is a simple solution for those looking to add a home security system to their apartment: A Do-It-Yourself Home Security system.

Sentry Security’sDIY home security system makes protecting your home and apartment easy and affordable.

Why DIY?


Save on installation fees as you won’t need a technician to come out to your home to install.

Simple & Easy

With double-sided adhesive tape, installation is a breeze.


No drills, no hammers, no permanent application. This keeps your walls and your security deposit in tact.

Moves With You

The security system that moves with you. When you move, you can take your security system with you! So you can keep your new home just as safe as your last one.

Next time you’re looking to secure your home or apartment, be sure to check out Sentry Security’s DIY home security system. We’ll ship you the wireless Interlogix Simon® XTi alarm system to your home fully programmed, with instructions. With a DIY home security system, you’ll receive the same great monitoring service that you would for a traditionally installed system.

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