Smart Homes Protect Your Community, Too

Home security has come a long way with other improvements in technology such as smartphone apps, cloud intelligence, and an ecosystem of connected devices all working together. Thanks to this new technology, you can protect your property, your peace of mind, and most importantly, your family.

A security system is a very important aspect that would impress the entire neighborhood. What would impress them most, though, is that the system protects their homes too.

Here’s how.

Warn your neighbors in times of emergency

When your security system detects an emergency, it will alert everyone important – you via smartphone and your 24/7 monitoring station.

Another important person it can alert, though, is your neighbors. By adding your neighbors to your emergency contacts in your smartphone app, you can ensure they receive a smartphone alert, too. This way, if there’s an emergency such as a break-in or a fire, you’ll be able to notify them of the situation and keep them safe, too.

Video clips help police identify intruders

When criminals commit a break-in, it’s often more than one home at a time. Often, these actions aren’t stopped unless they’re scared away or apprehended.

Video footage of a bogus caller or burglar can provide a breakthrough for local police. Usage of this video could even identify the criminal outright, speeding up the investigation and saving other homes from being targeted.

Your security extends to your neighbors’ homes too

Your security system deters criminals from your home, but are you worried about diverting crime to your neighbor’s house instead?

According to a study by Rutgers University, your security system protects your neighborhood from being targeted altogether. Based on five years of data in Newark, NJ, a study found that neighborhoods where security systems are densely installed have fewer burglaries across the entire community.

Rather than deflecting crime to less protected homes in your neighborhood, your Smart Home security makes you entire community safer.

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