The Most Powerful App for Your Smartphone

As everything in your home becomes connected, managing your Smart Home can become a fairly complicated task. A separate app to control each part of your home can mean you’ll spend more time sorting through apps than actually living your life. With Sentry Security, your connected home will be smart and simple – which is why we’ve integrated all your devices into a single app.

Everything in one app

Our app is designed to allow you to access of all of the key features of your home from one single screen. On the app’s home screen, feature cards give you a real-time view of everything that’s happening around your home. If you’re worried you left the garage door open or forgot to lock the back door, our app will quickly put your mind at ease.

One-touch commands also make it easier to manage the systems around your home. So, if you did forget to lock your back door, you can secure it through out app, no matter where you are.

Enhanced features

We’ve recently added key features that will make it easier for you to control your system. You’ll now be able to access live, HD video feeds directly from the home screen, and one tap opens the video details screen where you’re able to access live stream or view your video gallery.

From just one screen, you’ll also be able to see the status of all the doors and windows in your home. You can even view a complete history of activity in your home and on your account. Instead of checking your home at night to make sure everything’s secure, you can do it all from bed with your smartphone app.

Real-time awareness

This is our best feature yet – with our real-time alerts and notifications, you’ll know exactly when a door is opened or your security system is disabled. The great thing about this is that it’s personalized, so you don’t have to sort through alerts you don’t care about.

Our app lets you create new notifications and activate or deactivate existing ones no matter where you’re at, as long as you have your smartphone! So, as you’re getting your things together to leave town for the weekend, you can add a trusted neighbor to your alert list to help keep an eye on things while you’re gone.

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