What is Your Security Camera Doing for You?

Small, connected video cameras have been getting a lot of attention lately. Although they’ve become smaller and more powerful, and let you check on your home, but are they really security cameras?

If they weren’t installed by a top-notch security dealer like Sentry Security, then probably not.

Here’s why:

There’s no monitoring service

What if there’s a burglary at your home while you’re out. Your camera may capture the footage and alert you, but what if you’re not home? You may be able to race home, but if you’re away on vacation, at work, or maybe on a plane, by the time you spot the alert, it may already be too late.

This is why real security cameras are connected to a security system which connects in turn to a 24/7 monitoring system. In the event of a burglary, trained professionals assess the situation and can call authorities such as the police. Your security camera will still capture the footage of what happened, and it will also store it in the cloud.

The camera is too vulnerable

Think about where your camera is positioned and how easily it can be unplugged.

Actual installation of a camera can make a tremendous difference. A security camera installed by Sentry can be mounted on a high wall or even completely out of sight. It’s critical that a camera is placed in just the right place so it is able to capture the broadest range of activity.

A security camera also minimizes its power supply’s vulnerability with tamper-resistant features such as in-wall wiring or battery power.

Your camera doesn’t understand what’s happening

Home security isn’t just about catching something bad – it’s just as important that you have peace of mind. True security cameras, like those provided by Sentry, can enhance it.

Part of this includes minimizing false video alerts by understanding context.

A Sentry Security powered camera has access to context from your entire home security system. It knows your arming status, door and window contact status, and more. If your smart lock is open, your camera knows who opened it.

With this connection, it is far more discerning when it comes to alerting you about activity. If you feel like it’s necessary to obtain a video alert every time your front door opens, you can get one, but if you only want a daily alert when your kids get home from school, your security system can filter everything else out.


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