Why a Having a “Smart Yard” is Important this Summer

Thinking about sprucing up your yard this summer? Benefit your home further than landscaping and add technology instead. Adding just a few connected devices from Sentry Security can ensure the safety and security of children and pets this summer. Check out these 4 reasons why it’s important to “smarten” your yard this summer:

Worried about kids and pets leaving your yard?

No problem! Sentry Security will help make that a little easier by offering contact sensors for gates and doors. A contact sensor on your gate will let you know right away when it’s opened with an instant alert on your smartphone or Apple Watch, so, even if you aren’t watching, you’ll always know when someone is coming in and out of your house or your yard. Contact sensors are a comforting back-up to a locked gate for pool owners as well.


What are your kids doing while you’re not outside watching?

With Sentry Security’s wireless outdoor video cameras, it is easy to see what your kids are doing in their “natural habitat.” From your smartphone, you’re able to view everything your kids are up to, and our outdoor cameras are small and discreet, therefore blending in with your home.

Enjoy brighter, safer evenings

Lighting on front doors and porches are often well-lit for safety and security, but backyard lighting is often overlooked. Sentry Security offers a solution to change this. By installing a smart switch on your outdoor lighting, you can control your lights from anywhere and create a schedule to light up your yard automatically at sunset. The contact sensor on your gate or back door can also trigger your lights to come on when they’re opened after dark, deterring unwanted visitors.


Tired of wasting money on wasting air conditioning?

Instead of constantly reminding your kids to shut the doors as they come in and out of the house, you may think about installing a contact sensor and the Sentry Security Smart Thermostat on your back door. When the door is opened too long, your air conditioning will automatically cut back and send you an alert. As soon as the door is closed again, your air conditioning will return to comfort mode.

Give your back a rest this summer and instead of landscaping, smarten up your yard with some technology. Sentry Security could be your yard’s best feature yet!

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