Why Contact Sensors Make Your Home Smart

You can give big thanks to Sentry Security and dramatic improvements in home security technology, contact sensors have become a key part of building a Smart Home.

This technology continues to improve more and more. Contact sensors were originally designed to catch an intruder trying to enter the home, but with this new technology, this small device can also trigger smartphone alerts, turn your lights on, and even control a smart thermostat. With Sentry Security and Alarm.com’s Smart Home Platform, contact sensors are turned intelligent.

What does a contact sensor do?

The basic function of a contact sensor is to tell your system if something is opened or closed.

These sensors can be installed on doors, windows or drawers throughout your entire house. These sensors have two pieces – one piece on the door itself, and the other installed next to it on the jamb. This way, when the sensors separate because the door is open, the sensor signals that it’s open to your security system.



In a traditional system, if the contact sensor signals ‘open,’ the system will signal an alarm. The role of a contact sensor in a Smart Home Security System is much more important. The status of a door (opened or closed) can generate real-time alerts to your smartphone so you’re aware of what’s going on around your home. You can also easily customize these alerts so you receive the exact information you want, so you’ll know exactly what windows are open when you’re going to bed, or what doors were left open when you leave for work in the morning.

A contact sensor can protect you anywhere

Protect your valuables by placing a contact sensor on a safe or jewelry box so you always know if they’re being accessed or left open. Protect your yard and know if someone opens your backyard gate or accesses your pool. Protect food in your fridge because a contact sensor will let you know if your freezer drawer is open and your food is in danger of defrosting.

Your contact sensors can trigger other devices

With a Smart Home system, you can connect different devices to your contact sensor. This way, if a contact sensor indicates a door or window left open, Sentry’s smart thermostat will automatically set back to save energy until it’s closed. You can also set a contact sensor on your yard gate to trigger your porch light, that way you can see exactly who’s coming through your gate at night.


Want to make your home Smart? Learn about how Sentry can help.

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