Why Your Smoke Detectors Should Be Smarter

Even though fire and smoke detectors continue to become “smarter,” it’s important to note that not every detector can deliver the maximum amount of protection to you and your family. This is why if you’re considering a connected detector or solution, you should talk to Sentry Security – that way, you’re equipped for an emergency now more than ever.

Your detectors will automatically alert emergency services

Having a fire or smoke detector in your home can be a life saving device. In the case of an unexpected emergency, a Sentry Security Smart Home detector will automatically alert emergency services in order to keep your home, your pets, and even your neighborhood safe.

Interactive services also make it possible to send alerts to anyone else who may need them, like the homeowner, neighbors and friends or family close by. A fire/smoke alarm that does not alert emergency services is limited in the safety it can provide.

If your smoke detector depends of WiFi, you may run out of luck

When your WiFi goes down while you’re surfing the internet, there isn’t much of a problem. What is a problem, though, is letting WiFi signal dictate the safety of your home and your family.

In contrast, an always-on dedicated cellular connection provides a highly reliable signal, while battery backup keeps that signal strong during a power outage. Alerts are reliably delivered to emergency services and the property owner.


Detectors are much safer when they’re part of a connected home system

A fully integrated Smart Home pulls information from devices inside and outside the home – further enabling you to take action in the event of crisis.

In the case of a fire, the home knows to shut down the HVAC to reduce the spread of smoke and ash, locks can automatically facilitate a fast exit, lights can turn on, and neighbors can be alerted to the danger. This way, your house becomes safer when your devices are all connected to each other through a Smart Home platform.

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