Fingerprint mapping, facial recognition, or retina scans

Biometric Security

While most access controls require a code to be entered on a keypad or a card scanned by a reader, they won’t keep away unwanted visitors if they come by the access tools (whether it’s keys, codes, fobs, etc.). In the event of the tools being lost, cloned or stolen, they are expensive to manage and slow to authenticate.

Sentry Security’s biometric systems only let the right people in by using fingerprint mapping, facial recognition, or retina scans, enabling access and control with more convenience and security that integrates seamlessly with other systems. Access can be controlled via biometric and contactless technologies, tablets, smart watches, and more.

An advanced layer to your security systems

Biometrics can be deployed with a simple technology that scans and validates people quickly, or developed with advanced AI-driven camera-analytic systems that map approaching persons’ physical characteristics and connect to databases of known visitors for identity verification.

Features and Capabilities

  • Applications for any size or number of access points
  • Remote security control
  • Easy-to-use interfaces
  • Customizable features that integrate with existing hardware
  • Easy plug and play connectivity and maintenance
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