C.D. Peacock – Jewelry Store

A Popup Jewelry Store in Two Weeks: Meeting the Rigorous Security Requirements of the Jewelry Industry


C.D. Peacock is an established and respected jeweler that was founded in 1837, holding the title of Chicago’s oldest existing jeweler. It was also in business during the Great Chicago Fire. Despite its central location, the company survived due to holding all of its merchandise in a fireproof safe.

They have remained one of Chicagoland’s top jewelers for almost two centuries by staying true to their commitment to only the highest quality customers expect from luxury jewelry. Today, C.D. Peacock has 3 locations in the Chicago metro area serviced by Sentry Security.

For a jeweler to meet their insurance company requirements, they must undergo the rigorous certification process from Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.). Sentry Security is well versed in the requirements to obtain U.L. certification and has successfully obtained it for all 3 C.D. Peacock locations and about 100 other jewelers in the area.

Early this year, C.D. Peacock approached Sentry with an exciting proposal. Valentine’s Day was coming, and C.D. Peacock wanted to set up a pop-up store in the Oakbrook Center Mall in just two weeks. C.D. Peacock required Sentry to satisfy all the criteria for a U.L. certified alarm system.

How would Sentry not only get the pop-up store U.L. certified but also work through logistics and supply chain challenges to get the store ready in just two weeks? The answer lies in Sentry’s experience with U.L. and its versatility to come up with creative solutions under time constraints.


The security system must meet four main criteria to gain U.L. certification. The pop-up store already had an old system in place, but it wasn’t a system that would meet the UL requirements. Sentry needed to make a number of changes in the equipment, do some rewiring and change the communication methods. Start to finish in under two weeks in order to meet the deadline.

Four main requirements that needed to be satisfied:

  • All wiring must be supervised. Any tampering with the wire will be detected, and the burglar alarm will alert the monitoring station.
  • The system panel must communicate with the monitoring center every 180 seconds, even when the system is disarmed. The 180-second check-in is to make sure there has been no tampering.
  • 4 step rule: any individual cannot take more than four steps without being in view of a motion detector. This rule applies to EVERY room in the store.
  • Safes and vaults must be armed with vibration detection.

On top of making the security system U.L. certified, Sentry also installed an H.D. camera system and a Hold Up alarm system with wireless panic buttons.


The Sentry Security team successfully designed and engineered the entire UL-eligible system within the timeline C.D. Peacock needed.

Supply chain issues threatened to miss the deadline. The project would not have gotten done on schedule if engineering, sales, project management, and the purchasing department did not get creative and develop innovative solutions to find different suppliers and finish on time.

Unfortunately, many security providers don’t fully understand all of the requirements of a UL Certified system and end up installing a standard system with a few UL rated parts. Once this is discovered, they end up having to reinstall another system. Often, Sentry Security is called to come in and correct the problems in order to make the system UL Certified.

Sentry also performs annual inspections on all of their the U.L. certified systems. Plus, U.L. continually inspects Sentry’s portfolio to ensure our UL certified system are installed correctly and meet all the U.L. requirements.