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Beefing Up Security Drives Efficiency in Pork Production 

Hof Haus (John Hofmeister & Son, Inc) has been serving Chicago for more than 60 years as an award-winning manufacturer of meat products, providing a full line of cooked pork products, ham and turkey for all trade channels (retail, foodservice, etc.). Its operation sets the standard for production, quality control, and customer service. 


When the pandemic set in, however, Hof Haus was presented with a new set of challenges — and as an essential business operating in the food production space, the task of adhering to the highest standard for health and safety became rather daunting.

How could Hof Haus maintain efficiency in its operation and ensure safety while minimizing the costly impact from COVID protocols? The answer lied within integrated security. 


Hof Haus turned to Sentry Security to beef-up facility safety with thermal cameras that identify elevated body temperatures of people entering while maintaining safe social distance.

The Sentry team installed several standalone thermal cameras at entry ways that allowed as many as eight employees to enter at once with efficient and automated human screenings. The easy-to-install and simple-to-use thermal cameras detected if a person was wearing a face mask, accurately evaluated body temperature, and prevented access from non-complying individuals without the need to dedicate staff.

Sentry worked to ensure a seamless integration with Hof Haus’ broader security and quickly demonstrated how its existing systems could also support operational strategies and business objectives.

In addition to entry points, security for the manufacturing facility and plant floor, warehousing, shipping areas and back-office was already in place — but systems were not talking to each other, and the management didn’t have access to remote monitoring. So, Sentry updated the existing system to ensure overall stronger access control, intrusion prevention and surveillance by taking over the system management with minimal hardware upgrades.


Hof Haus now operates with a comprehensive, integrated security system that protects its people, business and operation with a single point of contact, as well as remote access to the systems when they want to monitor themselves on any device in real-time. 

That means management can see who is coming and going at all times, if protocols are being followed, and identify operational efficiencies and risks to ensure better business. Whether it is a logistics partner or employees, they can grant access to separate areas of its facility and will know if a door is left ajar, or simply check in on day-to-day production. 

All was accomplished with minimal interruption to business during the pandemic, with reduced liability and increase operational efficiencies for the long run.