Alarm Monitoring Chicago

Sentry Security recommends testing your alarm system a minimum of once a month. It is extremely important to regularly test your alarm system to ensure it is working and transmitting signals properly.

You will need the following information:

  • Customer Name
  • Address
  • Passcode


  • Call your central station center (or Sentry Security at 847-353-7200) and request that you would like to test your system- so the alarm signal will not generate a call to the police/fire authorities.
  • Arm your system and purposely set it off at any zone (door, window, indoor motion detector etc.)
  • Let the very loud siren sound for at least 50 seconds.
  • Disarm your system.
  • Call the central station command center again to make sure they received the signal. If a signal isn’t received, please call our office.

Please contact Sentry Security if you have questions or concerns.


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