Enterprise Security Services


Sentry Security designs custom security solutions for enterprise systems

Sentry Security integrates services such as access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection with monitoring services to control and detect unauthorized entry- and Sentry can notify the appropriate authorities of physical intrusion or internal personnel of internal policy violations.

Stay Protected

Combine intrusion and access control- all in a single system

  • Add or delete users and/or change security levels
  • Manage your security system just a smartphone or mobile device
  • Receive custom alerts regarding who uses the system and when
  • Remotely lock and unlock doors
  • Adjust thermostats, saving both energy and money
  • Remotely turn off/on lights, signs, electronic equipment or other devices
  • Easy operation ensures you will experience fewer false alarms
  • Automatically lock doors when you arm the system
  • System can automatically turn on lights whe its been activated

Stay Connected

Know what is happening at your facility in real time, complete with alerts when staff arrive/leave and reports of traffic counts

Integrated video options enable you to:

  • Monitor employees, identify guests prior to admitting them and visually confirm events in cases of alarm activations
  • Remotely view and record images/footage from any camera using a smartphone or mobile device

With the integration of security- and access-related services, Sentry Security puts you in complete control of your facility.

Sentry’s services include

  • Intrusion, Fire/Sprinkler Detection and Monitoring
  • Access Control and Biometrics
  • Video Surveillance, including Analytic Behavioral Detection
  • Environmental Process Monitoring
  • IP systems for Access Control, Video and Intercom

Sentry’s Enterprise solutions team can integrate all facility security functions so you can sleep at night knowing your business is safe. Sentry’s experts will design and build the right customized system from the ground up for your corporate requirements.

Sentry delivers an easy, integrated solution to manage all the complex system actions to ensure seamless operation- allowing you to focus on what matters. Sentry installs and supports the following lines:

  • Vicon / ViconNet
  • S2
  • Software House / CCURE 9000
  • Honeywell ProWatch
  • ONSSI video management
  • HIK Vision video management
  • GE-UTC Facility Commander
  • DMP, Interlogix/GE, Ademco / Honeywell