Security Technology Webinar: Unlocking Safety + Cost Savings with Smart Video Surveillance

Buildings come in all shapes and sizes — and so do security threats and protection challenges. In fact, in the age of ever-changing threats to public safety and today’s heightened vandalism and health risks, the task of implementing an acceptable level of security has become highly complex for managers as they consider evolving risks and re-examine the build landscape of their location.

Unlocking Safety + Cost Savins with Smart Video Surveillance

Join Sentry Security’s Mike Ragnanese and Avigilon’s Erik Latkow for a Live Discussion addressing key security topics, including:

  • -How Advanced Security improves tenant and user experience
  • -How Today’s Smart Video Surveillance helps prioritize building safety, drive costs savings and manage risks
  • -How Video Management software works to easily and quickly search through recorded footage, with live product demos
  • -How security and safety systems integrate with existing systems and support intelligent building devices

In today’s tech-driven and mobile-enabled world, security means much more than ensuring wellbeing and loss prevention. It’s about meeting lifestyle demands, providing convenience, access and functionality for those that manage systems and everyone they protect.