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New Federal Regulations

Is your business compliant?

3G Networks will be Phased Out

Simple LTE Enabled Updates for Mandatory Change

Smart Connected Solutions

Keep your business safe, deliver critical information in real-time, and mitigate future risks

Maintenance & Inspection Services

No matter what industry you’re in, regular maintenance is critical to the effectiveness of your security system.

System Design & Engineering

Because every business presents a unique security challenge

Integrated Solution for Your Industry

Commercial Buildings

Security solutions that are a lot more encompassing than deterring theft and protecting the perimeter.

Protect your residential building from more than just crime.

Holistic multifamily security solutions

Senior Care and Assisted Living Solutions to help keep residents and staff safe and secure

Medical response options are constantly evolving and so should the security measures within healthcare facilities.

Create a secure place to work, live, and play to attract and retain individuals, families, and businesses.

Improving classroom safety and campus security

Comprehensive security systems for safer schools

From grower to retailers our customized security solutions help alleviate the complexity that’s needed to keep your cannabis facility safe, secure and compliant.

The hospitality industry is constantly evolving and so are the security measures within.

Cut costs and increase operational efficiency through comprehensive and effective solutions.

Safety and Security Solutions for Places of Worship

Your faith, congregation, and community deserve the best protection possible

Why Choose Sentry Security?


We understand how important support is to our customers and we go above and beyond to provide it.


Our philosophy ensures your business and employees are protected and you stay connected.


Backed by Over 7,000 installations with 93.1% customer retention rate – we have a track record of receiving top marks from our customers.


NPS® is often held up as the gold standard customer experience metric. First developed in 2003 by Bain and Company, it’s now used by millions of businesses to measure and track how they’re perceived by their customers.

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Integrated Security System

Sentry Security is the first choice for integrated security services that deliver smart, connected solutions to keep your business safe, deliver critical information in real-time, and help you mitigate future risks. Prepare for the unexpected and rest assured with our 24/7 responsive security professionals, so you never miss a thing


System Design & Engineering

No matter which type of business you operate, we will work with you to understand the specific needs of your space, and implement a security system that delivers the desired results. In situations where suitable solutions may not already exist, our team of experienced engineers are able to create innovative options that address your building’s unique threats or opportunities

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