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Each day, millions of employees and residents spend their workdays inside multistory buildings or facilities. Should an emergency occur, finding the person in distress fast is essential. While many believe that sufficient location and calling abilities inherently exist, in sprawling environments such as campuses, warehouses, multi-floor buildings, and hotels this is often a fallacy, and can have tragic results, in addition to federal penalties and personal wrongful death liabilities.Our proprietary RapidSOS Ready system is the leading solution for ensuring legal compliance and protecting your employees and occupants in the case of an emergency.

New federal regulations… Is your business compliant?

Both the Kari’s Law and the RAY BAUM’S Act apply to all systems, regardless of technology (including cloud- based systems) installed after February 16, 2020, or any system receiving a major upgrade after that date.

In the case of non-compliance, in addition to the fines and penalties at $10K minimum, there is also a significant risk for personal wrongful death liability exposure to the MLTS owner operator.

Here’s what the new federal legislation means for your enterprise

Kari’s Law Requirements

  • System must allow direct 911 access to 911 without  any access codes.
  • System must provide on-site notification that the call has occurred and from what station.
  • On-site notification must be to a device on the premises, or another on site or offsite location.


EFFECTIVE DATE: February 16, 2020

RAY BAUM’S Act Requirements

any MLTS call to 9-1-1 must deliver a dispatchable location including:

  • Street address: 123 Main St.
  • Floor: 9th Floor
  • Room # or Zone: Room 903/SE Corner



February 16, 2020 – Wired Devices

February 16, 2021 – Wireless Devices

Why RapidSOS Ready?

RapidSOS Ready system encompasses proprietary solutions that share life-saving data, including dispatchable location information, from their platforms, devices, or sensors directly to Emergency Communication Centers to protect their customers, employees, and communities in emergencies.

Please complete this form to determine whether your company is Multi-line Telephone System (MLTS) is compliant with Kari’s Law and the Ray Baum’s Act, and help us understand how we may be able to assist you in becoming compliant.


Scroll below for RapidSOS Ready unique solutions for dispatchable location identification, weapon detection, and firearm details analysis.


How does it work?

911inform, an all-encompassing emergency system for E911 calls.

The 911inform Location Discovery Service (LDS) Gateway sends a dispatchable caller location to local ECCs. Plus, 911inform supports NG911 i3, panic buttons, and smart building expansion.

It empowers first responders to:

  • Pinpoint location of an emergency call’s origin while simultaneously notifying local authorities
  • Instantaneously access detailed maps and visuals of your premises
  • Instantly text key on-site personnel
  • Instantly control the building’s security systems – including doors, lights and security cameras.


Technical: A browser-based software allows you to integrate 911inform with your current phone system. No app needed.

ZEROEYES, an intelligent video-analytics platform for real-time weapon detection and alerts

How does it work?

  • Threat approaches, displays weapon
  • In milliseconds, ZeroEyes AI-backed tech identifies weapons and threat
  • Within three seconds, ZeroEyes has pushed out an alert and locked down protocols to building’s administrators, law enforcement and first responders
  • ZeroEyes continuously updates law enforcement with images and a location of the threat
  • Rapid response on the way equipped with actionable information


The only technology that providers first responders with firearm details, giving authorities the most complete information before arriving on scene.


How does it work?

In 10 seconds, Safe Zone sensors perform firearm analysis and push alerts to users with the 911 notification giving responders a graphical view into the location of an active shooter’s actions seconds after an event begins.

By comparison, it takes an average of 5 minutes before the first 911 call is made after an active shooter strikes, and an average of 12 minutes for police to locate and confront the shooter once they enter the building.

Technical: Cloud-based technology

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