“Smile, you’re on cannabis camera” Marijuana facilities face stringent security requirements

From the get go, a move by States across the country to legalize cannabis was certain to garner a lot of attention. Even though 60% of Americans support its recreational use and 91% support its medicinal use, state legislatures immediately established unprecedented levels of scrutiny and oversight with regard to those seeking to cultivate, distribute or dispense the drug. In addition to the expected background checks and business plan requirements, applicants seeking to set up shop in the cannabis field are also required to submit a detailed security plan before even obtaining a license.

Still controversial in many communities, lawmakers are keen to keep a close eye on the handling of cannabis lest the psychoactive drug find its way into the illegal drug trade or worse, the hands of minors for whom its use is still strictly prohibited.

The heightened need for security has led to the formation of some interesting alliances – as entrepreneurs in the young industry find themselves reaching out to well-established security experts.

Chief among them, Sentry Security, a Chicago-based firm that has been installing and maintaining sophisticated systems in commercial, industrial and municipal buildings for 25 years.

Though Sentry is called upon to protect people and property from any number of natural and man-made threats, it was their reputed ability to thwart inventory theft that first caught the eye of The Chicago Cannabis Lab – which houses large amounts of cannabis and has a great number of employees – thus necessitating the need for round-the-clock surveillance.

“Anyone can string up a bunch of security cameras,” said a spokesman from Sentry Security. “But a cannabis facility calls for a strategic placement scheme that ensures there are absolutely no gaps in coverage – and that the recorded output is properly synthesized and documented for the benefit of supervisors and State authorities when conducting audits.”

To date, 37 states have legalized cannabis for medicinal use and 19 for recreational use – all having established an extensive list of security measures that must be fully-operational at all times. Well-versed in all applicable state requirements, Sentry Security can help cannabis facilities get up and running fast with designs that are quickly approved and professionally implemented.

Typical among the many State requirements provided by Sentry Security:

  • 24-hour recordings
  • Continuous system monitoring
  • Clear still photos
  • Secure door entry systems and electronic locks
  • Duress buttons
  • Alarm systems and alerts that provide audible, text and visual notification
  • Secure web-based access to security
  • Maintained restricted areas
  • Regular maintenance and inspection logs
  • Security plans and efforts to prohibit keys from being left in locks

If you’re in the process of applying for a cannabis license and in need of a state-approved security plan – or are ready to implement one, give Sentry Security a call at 847-353- 7200.