Security Solutions for Office, Warehouse & Manufacturing Spaces

Information is Power: Increase Operational Efficiency & Limit Liability

Our customers ask for Sentry techs by name

Sentry’s Enterprise, Industrial & Corporate solutions allow our customers to:

  • Locally manage access control and security across a multi-location network
  • Demonstrate compliance with specific regulations
  • Historical transaction log to know who is coming and going, and when
  • Use video surveillance to enforce off-limit areas, with real-time alerts
  • Access stored video footage to review events
  • Access event history, including video

Sentry is your single-source for comprehensive security solutions- we provide the largest continuum of services to keep your business in business. No other Chicago alarm company serves the Industrial and Corporate segments, and Residential, for Integrated Security (Intrusion, Access & Video) and Fire systems.

Sentry’s guarantee to you is that we will get the job done right—on time and on budget. And, as Chicago’s leading independent alarm company, we have all the local resources necessary to make sure we deliver. And we support our installations with a dedicated Service Team that monitors and services over 10,000 Systems.

We are equipment agnostic. Sentry extends and expands existing security systems- as opposed to starting over at the beginning with all new equipment. Sentry does not represent proprietary manufacturer platforms- which provides maximum flexibility to our customers.

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