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Home Security Systems in Burr Ridge, IL

Although it is filled with beautiful landscapes, the Village of Burr Ridge is not nearly as safe as one may think. At Sentry Security, we understand all the dangers you and your family may face. Our 24/7 monitoring systems are the most advanced in the industry, so at all times, you will be in good hands. We can even have one of our specialists provide your home with a tailored security plan to accommodate all your needs.

The odds of becoming a victim of crime in Burr Ridge are 1 out of every 96 residents.

We offer everything from CO2 monitors, sump-pump monitors, low temperature monitors, motion detection and perimeter protection to video surveillance. Give Sentry Security call, and find out how we can provide your family with the protection you deserve.

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It’s always a good idea to have security protection in your home. Why? Because break-ins do happen. Sentry Security offers the best home security solutions in Burr Ridge. Whether your home or away, our 24/7 protection will bring you peace of mind. We not only care about you, but your family as well.

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The Burr Ridge home security systems we install are designed to work for you so you can sleep soundly at night. The truth is, a home security system is only as effective as the people who install them. That’s why we only hire the best and most thorough home and business security experts.

Burr Ridge Commercial & Business Security Systems

The community of Burr Ridge is quickly expanding, and as more and more businesses continue to flourish, it only becomes more important that companies take the time to protect their assets. Sentry Security can help with this by providing businesses with 24-hour monitoring, supervisory alarms, interior motion detection and much more.

Sentry Security understands the unique needs of Burr Ridge homeowners, and wants to do everything possible to improve the overall quality of the community.

By providing excellent business security solutions to the fine residents of Burr Ridge, business owners can achieve peace of mind knowing they have a plethora of security of products to choose from: fire alarms, motion detection, burglar alarms and so much more.

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About Burr Ridge, Illinois

With a population of almost 11,000, the town of Burr Ridge is truly a hidden gem within the suburbs of Chicago. Located within Cook and DuPage County, Burr Ridge’s rolling hills and flowing rivers make it one of the most beautiful landscapes within the Chicago area. Originally incorporated in 1956, the town was first named Harvester after Harvester Research and Farm Facility. It wasn’t until 1962 that the Village changed its name to Burr Ridge after the Burr Oaks that grow within the region. Present day Burr Ridge is filled with some of the finest school, parks, restaurants and shopping centers that you won’t want to miss.


Some notable people who have lived in Burr Ridge include 2005 World Series Winner and ex-Chicago White Sox manager and player Ozzie Guillen, television personality Guilana Rancic and ex-Oakland Raiders and 1985 Heisman Trophy winner Bo Jackson. Check out some of the high-quality restaurants in Burr Ridge, such as Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant, Eddie Merlots, Capri Ristorante and so much more.

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