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Home Security Systems in Fox Lake, IL

Surrounded by fresh water lakes, Fox Lake is abounding with green, luminous nature. The scenery inspires an atmosphere of serenity, however, Fox Lake is still quite susceptible to property crime. The village of Fox Lake has an average of 206 reported property crimes that occur annually, which is considerably higher than the national average.

1 in every 49 residents have a risk of falling victim to crime.

You will be relieved to discover Sentry Security has gathered a culmination of solutions that will aid in eradicating your fear of becoming a property crime victim. Our highly qualified specialists are able to flesh out exactly where your points of weaknesses lie and can assemble the proper combination of equipment that will precisely fit your needs. We offer a variety of tools ranging in video surveillance, intrusion protection system, low temperature monitors, motion detection, perimeter protection, sump pump alarm and CO2 monitors. Let Sentry Security bare the burden of your protection and allow us to properly fortify your home or business.

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At Sentry Security, we employ a highly trained team of specialists fully equipped to help find a perfect solution that will meet your specific needs. Contact us now to find out about our home security solutions.

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We are invested in making your home a well guarded fortress. The only way to fully protect your property is to implement the best method in property security systems, but don’t worry, our certified team of residential security experts will take care of all the installations for you. Contact us now, and we will personalize a package just for you.

Fox Lake Commercial & Business Security Systems

Fox Lake has a small but growing business community that will benefit greatly from the tools and services Sentry Security has to offer. The most important part of owning a business establishment is making sure you have a solid system of protection. We will provide your business with specialized commercial security that will work best to meet its distinct needs. We offer everything from 24-hour monitoring, video surveillance, interior motion detection, perimeter security systems and much more.

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About Fox Lake, Illinois

Fox Lake is a relatively small and quiet village that gained its name from being surrounded by a few fresh water lakes, but primarily by Fox Lake. Located in Lake County in the beautiful state of Illinois, it has a population of over 10,600. The village is rich with outdoor parks and recreation sites.

With a mission statement that declares its dedication to enhance the quality of life for its residents, the community centers put on various community building events, programs that appeal to multiple niche groups, and educational programs. Fox Lake has fewer child and college aged residents, which gives it a more quiet and calm feel. This makes it a perfect village for empty nesters to come and settle down.

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