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Home Security Systems in Gages Lake, IL (60030)

Gages Lake is a small town in Lake County. Located in Warren Township, it’s relatively quiet, but similar to all other communities, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a risk of crime.

1 in every 75 residents have the potential to fall victim to property crime.

Fortunately for the residents of Gages Lake, Sentry Security is able to make these statistics obsolete because property crime transpires in many different ways. We have many different systems of prevention available. Nothing has gone overlooked based on our wide variety of tools ranging in video surveillance, low temperature monitors, motion detection, perimeter protection, sump pump alarms and CO2 monitors. Let Sentry Security be the one to safeguard your home or business.

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Sentry Security has a well trained team of specialists who are fully equipped to come up with a solution for all your home security needs. We are able to design a package that will meet your specific wants and needs.

Gages Lake Commercial Security Systems

With the many businesses and companies that inhabit Gages Lake, business security is a must-have in order to preserve the stability of your vested interests. Sentry Security carries many distinguished tools that specialize in various ways of protection, such as 24-hour monitoring, video surveillance, interior motion detection and other interactive security systems.

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About Gages Lake, Illinois

Gages Lake received its name from the small lake it surrounds. It’s definitely a small town that has a population of a little under 11,000 people with about 3,829 households and an area of about 3.3 square miles. Gages Lake encompasses a beautiful lake, which makes for a great place to settle down and enjoy a quiet life.

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