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Gurnee residents are blessed to have some of Chicagoland’s finest attractions, such as Great America or Gurnee Mills Mall, but sadly, this does not mean it is out of harms reach.

Even more shocking is that the odds of becoming a victim of crime in Gurnee are 1 out of every 21 residents.

The Gurnee community should be very concerned with these statistics, but thankfully Sentry Security is here to help provide some helpful solutions. At Sentry, we’ve taken the time to try and understand the growing concerns of the Gurnee community. We’ve been developing security systems with some of the latest technology in the industry, so we can account for whatever your needs may be. Let us outfit your home with CO detectors, motion detection monitors, low temperature alarms, sump pump monitors, perimeter detection and much more. Our state of the art monitoring centers are at your disposal day or night, just in case any problems may arise. Check out Sentry Security today, and find out how affordable alarm detection can really be.

When you choose Sentry, you’re making the choice to set a higher standard of security. We want to provide for our clients no matter what their needs may be, which is why we have created security systems for both the home and the office. Let us show you how we can make the Gurnee community a safer place.

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Our security systems are only installed by Sentry’s handpicked specialists who are here to help tailor a system to whatever your needs maybe. Check out all that Sentry security has to offer today, and get your free instant quote. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible in your community, so let us know how Sentry Security can help make your life a little bit safer.

Gurnee Commercial & Business Security Systems

With establishments like the Gurnee Mills Mall bringing in large amounts of business to the area, it is important now more than ever that companies take the time to make certain businesses are protected. This is the main reason Sentry has created security systems designed with Gurnee businesses in mind. Let our team of security specialists outfit your office with 24-hour monitoring, video surveillance, interior motion detection, alarm detection and so much more.

Sentry Security is the leading home and business security company in Gurnee.

Our trained staff is here to help assess and install whatever your security needs may be. They know exactly what type of system will best protect businesses desires and will have your system up and running in no time.

About Gurnee, Illinois

Known for being the home of one of Illinois’ biggest attractions, Six Flags Great America, the village of Gurnee offers so much more than meets the eye. Home to over 31,000 residents, this Lake County town draws nearly 26 million visitors to its establishments annually. Originally incorporated in 1928 the village of Gurnee was primarily an agriculture-based town with only 200 residents at the time.

With the development of Interstate 94 highway, the village finally established its link to its distant neighbor Chicago. Roughly 37 miles north of the big city, Gurnee is filled with Chicagoland’s finest restaurants, stores, and so much more! Check out all that the village of Gurnee has to offer, and create an experience of a lifetime.

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