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Hawthorn Woods, being known for its affluence and prosperous neighborhoods, has well-established country clubs, plush golf courses and actively engaging community centers. Even with all of its luxurious amenities, there is still a risk of property crime that exists in Hawthorn Woods. The crime rate in Hawthorn Woods is 96% lower than the US national average.

In Hawthorn Woods, there are 246 property crimes per 100,000 residents.

You need not fear any property crime statistics with Sentry Security here to ensure your safety. We have extensive knowledge in all the leading technologies involved with home security, and we have gathered a thorough inventory of high-performing tools that will effectively defend your home or business against property crime. Our goal is to provide you with specialized security packages that will perfectly fit all of your unique needs. We provide a variety of tools ranging in video surveillance, low temperature monitors, motion detection, perimeter protection, sump-pump and CO2 monitors. Let Sentry Security do what we do best, which is reinforcing optimum protection for the properties of all Illinois residents.

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Ready to have your home protected by Sentry Security? Contact us for a quote today. We have been in the security business for almost 30 years. Sentry Security is one of the largest independent security companies in the Chicagoland area.

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Our friendly team of customer service agents are here waiting to listen to all of your concerns. It’s easy for us to figure out the perfect combination of devices needed for your specific situation. We then present you with a personalized property security package just for your house. We will also take care of all your installation needs.

Hawthorn Woods Commercial & Business Security Systems

The business community is both substantial and rather lucrative. Sentry Security knows that with a successful flourish of businesses comes a natural demand for advanced commercial security systems. With every business being different, we have made it our priority to provide options of unique packages that will perfectly fit the needs of each individual business. We offer everything from 24-hour monitoring, video surveillance, motion sensors and much more.

Sentry Security Invests Wholeheartedly in your Protection.

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About Hawthorn Woods, Illinois

Hawthorn Woods is a part of the Lake County Fremont and Eli Townships, and is located about 35 miles northwest of downtown Chicago. With a population of almost 8,000 residents and about 7.92 square miles, Hawthorn Woods is a relatively small town with a solid and close-knit community.

All of the parks, recreation facilities, and upscale country clubs gives the town a vibrant and peaceful feel to it. They host an annual Family Fun Fest, a popular Farmers Market, and a new and innovative Aquatics center. Hawthorn Woods is an attractive destination for well-established people looking to raise a family.

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