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Home Security Systems in Itasca, IL

Itasca is full of vigor and an environment friendly community bond. The Itasca jurisdiction prides itself in their efforts to focus on providing an outstanding quality of life for its residents. With the many community centers, recreational facilities and public parks, Itasca is a lively village full of energy and flourishing opportunity, but like every town in America, Itasca has a risk of property crimes. Being documented as safer than 84% of all other cities in the United States, Itasca has an average of 112 property crimes per year.

1 in every 65 residents can potentially fall victim to crime in Itasca.

Sentry Security has come up with a culmination of tools specially designed to combat any risk of property crime. With the many ways in which property crime can take place, Sentry Security has developed home security systems that will effectively protect your place of residence. Our wide selection of our services include video surveillance, low temperature monitors, motion detection, perimeter protection, sump-pump and CO2 monitors. Let Sentry Security strengthen the protection of the assets you’ve worked hard to obtain.

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Sentry Security has an experienced team of customer service agents waiting to assist you in determining the precise security package for your house. We will carefully assess your unique situation, and use our expertise to put together your own personal security package. Call us now.

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Our highly trained customer service representatives, are here to provide Itasca residents with effective and reliable home security solutions. We make sure each security package will accurately meet your specific needs. Sentry Security will not only make sure all your questions are answered, but also take care of installation process of all your new residential security devices.

Itasca Commercial & Business Security Systems

Itasca’s solid business district attracts many visitors who want to enjoy the extensive shopping centers and fun recreational centers. Strongly securing these prospering business establishments is the best way to maintain a thriving and competitive business district. Sentry Security has all the right tools needed to efficiently meet that demand. Having a researched to develop newly designed systems, we have business security devices ranging in everything from 24-hour monitoring, video surveillance, interior motion detection and much more.

Sentry Security is Dedicated to Your Protection.

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About Itasca, Illinois

Located about 28 miles west of downtown Chicago, Itasca is a quaint suburb of Cook County. Itasca is a relatively small village having a population of almost 9,000 residents and about 5.7 square miles.

Consisting of many strong-bonded neighborhoods with community building agendas and facilities, Itasca attracts many new residents. Its extensive shopping centers, annual arts and cultural festivals and fine dining makes it difficult for the small, quaint town to have a dull moment. Itasca is a great place to visit.

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