Residential Security Systems

We protect what matters most for Chicagoland home owners—inside and outside.


Sentry offers the latest technology to help keep you in touch with what matters most to you. Sentry Interactive works with systems from to enable you to completely manage your security and energy related features all from your smartphone or other web-enabled devices. Our fully integrated solutions can help you to better manage all of your home access needs.

With Sentry, you have the benefit of:

  • Knowing when the kids come home from school
  • Checking that your security system is armed — anytime, anywhere
  • Knowing who disarmed your security system and when
  • Seeing what’s happening at home
  • Viewing video clips of past activity
  • Monitoring restricted/sensitive areas of your home

Sentry Interactive is easy to use

All you need to gain complete control of your system is a computer or our mobile device. Then, you can easily change your system’s settings, receive text and email messages, or view video clips of important events—all accessible at your fingertips!

Sentry lets you:

  • Arm or disarm your system remotely
  • View live video of your home
  • Integrate locks that open or close from anywhere
  • Remote controlled thermostats to reduce energy costs
  • Turn lights on to provide a safe path when you arrive home
  • Custom message alerts for non-emergency events, such as family members’ coming & going and low battery signals

Sentry’s wireless security takes the hassle and guesswork out of home security systems. Our state-of-the- art systems are so simple to install that we offer you the opportunity to do it yourself, and they are easy to take with you when moving into another house, apartment and condo. Our DIY home security products makes installation easy so you won’t have to worry about drilling holes in your walls or even connecting a landline.

Our wireless security systems can be armed or disarmed on your mobile device, and give you the ability to manage different user codes on mobile as well. Sentry Security DIY packages are available with monitors for doors, windows, water and motion detection. Sentry Security is Chicagoland’s choice for reliable and dependable home security. Make sure you give Sentry Security a call today at (847) 353-7200 for a home security quote.

Features of Sentry-Supported Systems:

Better Protection

Sentry Interactive is 100% wireless. No land line is required for protection. All alarm and trouble messages are sent to our central station via cellular network. Crash & smash protection allows an alarm signal to be sent – even if intruder disables alarm during entry delay period or if your phone line is cut by an intruder.

More Value

Traditional alarm systems only provide value when you arm them, and too many people only arm their system when they are out of town. Sentry Interactive systems allow you to keep in touch and in control every day.

Monitor What Matters Most

Most serious injuries in the home are not caused by intruders. Kids are more likely to be hurt at home by accessing potentially hazardous areas such as a swimming pool, or by accidentally consuming medicine, alcohol, or cleaning agents. Sentry Interactive helps you monitor hazards even when your Security system is disarmed by supervising a single cabinet or room.

Remote Connectivity

Provide added security for your family by turning lights on and off remotely. For example, turn lights on when the system is disarmed, lighting your path and keeping you safe. Use event-based lighting control to ward off intruders. If you are arriving home early, you can even change the thermostat level before you get there.


You and your family only deserve the best security company in the Chicagoland area: Sentry Security. Our video surveillance systems allows you to easily keep track of what’s happening inside your home from any mobile internet enabled device. Working in tandem with motion and other alarm triggers, our video cameras give you the ability to watch live or recorded footage without the hassle of a DVR or network setup process.  The benefits of home security cameras include:

  • Can act as a deterrent
  • View live video of your home
  • Check up on pets, children and other family members

Not only does having a video surveillance system protect your home and family, but if you run a business, think about getting security cameras. Not only will our effective security cameras protect your customers, but you can protect your employees as well. It can also provide an accurate description of events.