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In case you have not noticed, Wicker Park (ZIP code: 60622) is of the most emerging and trendiest neighborhoods in the beautiful city of Chicago. There are always tons of things to see and do in Wicker Park. From the Double Door nightclub to restaurants to the annual Wicker Park Fest, Wicker Park has something for everyone. With its boutique shops along Milwaukee Avenue and convenience to downtown Chicago, more and more younger people have moved into Wicker Park and transforming what once was mainly populated by Polish and Puerto Rican residents into a destination for millennials.

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What do you want in a home and business security company? Chances are, you want your security company to offer you the latest in security systems and technology. You also probably want to experience only the best customer service. You’re in luck because Sentry Security is one of the largest independent security companies in all of Chicago. We have been in the security systems business for over 25 years and garnering numerous awards and impressive achievements along the way.

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