Healthcare Security

Medical response options are constantly evolving and so should the security measures within healthcare facilities.

We devise, install and maintain responsive and patient-centric security solutions for:

  • Hospitals
  • Medical Offices
  • Care Centers

Comprehensive healthcare campus protection

Implementing an acceptable level of safety and emergency preparedness for an open and healing environment or hectic emergency departments is a highly complex task, especially amid confidentiality requirements and patient satisfaction scores. Solutions that previously operated as standalone services must work together with features that cater to the organization’s environment and business needs.

  • Elevate security so healthcare providers can focus their time and resources on what they do best: delivering outstanding patient care
  • Prevent unauthorized access and control entry points critical to compliance standards and the convenience demands of today’s users
  • Manage constant traffic and ensure effectiveness of emergency procedures
  • Pass accreditation audits
  • Stay apprised of and comply with the latest Federal laws, including 911 calling capabilities as required by the RAY BAUM’S Act
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Parkview Community Church

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