Multifamily Security Solutions

Sentry Security protects your residential building from more than just crime.

Our holistic multifamily security solutions are designed to become a seamless part of any building, regardless of its size or complexity.

  • Modern, convenient and secure
  • Customize your building’s security system for whatever life can throw your way
  • Provide access, control, ease of use and convenience to building managers and occupants
  • Manage traffic and visitors
  • Monitor for emergencies, carbon dioxide, volatile weather, fire and smoke
  • Respond fast and protect residents
  • Mitigate liability risks and increase operational efficiencies
  • Stay apprised of and comply with the latest Federal laws, including 911 calling capabilities as required by the RAY BAUM’S Act

Technology that provides peace of mind is of the greatest demand

Did you know that residents consistently rank security among the most important building features and they’re willing to pay more for it? Indeed, research shows that residents are willing to increase monthly rent payments or association dues for constant, secure monitoring and technology. This includes remote access control, biometric security, and advanced monitoring and emergency response systems that can offer convenient control of safety and daily living.

As expectations from residents increase, building managers must look for comprehensive, integrated security solutions.

Parkview Community Church

Parkview Community Church

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“The people we have dealt with have been extremely helpful and friendly. They know what they’re doing and are good at doing it!”


American Hotel Register

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“We are very happy to be dealing with Sentry security!”

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