Area of Rescue, also known as the Area of Refuge, is a location in a building designed for occupants to assemble and await assistance or instructions by first responders when evacuation may not be safe or possible. These areas are required on each floor above and below the “ground” floor, must be clearly marked, and provide a reliable two-way 24/7 communication system to a central control point within the building.

Whether a facility is looking to fulfill code requirements or add another layer of safety and security to protect building occupants, our solutions provide comprehensive and intuitive communications and peace of mind to those that need it most.

Features & Capabilities:

  • Supports any building type and size
  • Area of rescue emergency assistance communication system
  • Easy to access call stations
  • Call communication to emergency response centers
  •  Area of rescue signage
  • Analog and digital emergency rescue system
  • Adherence to strict code requirements (two-way communication, 24/7 supervision, visible signage, fire-resistive cable, testing)
Parkview Community Church

Parkview Community Church

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American Hotel Register

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