Our “Protecting What Matters Most” Philosophy

With a Sentry Security system, you can protect your business and your employees while also staying connected. Our “Protecting What Matters Most” philosophy begins with professionally trained security advisors and installation technicians to ensure your security system design and installation is right for your business.

Be Connected, Be Protected

Combine Access Control, Intrusion and Video all in a single system

  • Know what’s happening at your facility in real time, complete with alerts when staff arrive/leave and reports of traffic counts
  • Manage your security system using just a smartphone or mobile device:
    • Receive custom alerts regarding who uses the system and when
    • Add or delete users or change security levels
    • Remotely lock and unlock doors
    • Adjust thermostats, saving both energy and money
    • Remotely turn on/off lights, signs, electronic equipment or other devices
  • Integrated access & video options enable you to:
    • Monitor employees, identify guests prior to admitting them and visually confirm events in the event of an alarm
    • Remotely view and record images from any camera using a smartphone or mobile device
  • Easy operation ensures you’ll experience fewer false alarms

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