Visitor Management

Health, safety and security risk

continue to affect businesses worldwide and organizations large and small are looking for smart ways to monitor visitors, employees and contractors in real time. Doing so in a convenient, consistent and automated fashion is a critical step to prepare for modern threats and mitigate potential risks.

Sentry Security’s advanced screening solutions

integrate visitor management technology with health screening processes, thermal temperature screenings and other existing technology to ramp up operational efficiencies and safety protocols while making sure that your workplace is kept safe and secure.

Features & Capabilities:

  • A faster and more accurate employee and visitor management process that reduces the need for screening individuals manually
  • Provide reliable results in real time and ensure compliance
  • Promptly and discreetly notify the right personnel when a potential threat is detected
  • Touchless technology preventing unnecessary physical contact
  • Identify elevated body temperature of people entering your facility
  • Detect if a person is wearing a face mask or ignore masks altogether as required at the time
  • Easy to use and tailored to your business needs, seamlessly integrating with your broader security and operational strategies
Parkview Community Church

Parkview Community Church

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American Hotel Register

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