System Design & Engineering

When it comes to security, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Unique spaces require individualized plans and customized solutions that meet their needs and align with the organizations and communities living and working within them.

However, the task of identifying and implementing a suitable security system is highly complex.  How many emergency call stations do you need? What visitor management applications are best? Where do you place security cameras? And how can you ensure systems are integrated and accessible on mobile platforms?

Sentry Security is not like other providers who install one-size-fits-all systems that don’t actually “fit all.” We also don’t expect you to become a security specialist. Instead, we want to know what keeps you up at night.

We ask a lot of questions. And then some more

We take the time to review and assess the security demands faced by your business and develop customized solutions.

No matter which type of business you operate, we will work with you to understand the specific needs of your space, and implement a security system that delivers the desired results. In situations where suitable solutions may not already exist, our team of experienced engineers are able to create innovative options that address your building’s unique threats or opportunities.

We are system agnostic

Wherever possible, we will extend and expand existing security systems, as opposed to starting with all new equipment. We do not represent proprietary manufacturer platforms and will make sure to maximize your existing security investment.

We understand that businesses have different budgets

It’s less expensive to mitigate risk than it is to repair the damage. We work closely with our clients to understand their priorities and meet their budgets.

Quality solution now and into the future.

Should your business grow, or you need to address new challenges, our customized security solution will ensure that your business is always protected.

Parkview Community Church

Parkview Community Church

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“The people we have dealt with have been extremely helpful and friendly. They know what they’re doing and are good at doing it!”


American Hotel Register

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“We are very happy to be dealing with Sentry Security team!”

No matter what business you’re in or how big your company is

connect with Sentry Security today to develop a customized security solution that fits your needs