Integrated Security Systems

Custom Solution applications for Commercial, Industrial and Corporate clients

We specialize in the installation of integrated Intrusion, Access & Videos security systems, and supports installed clients with ongoing monitoring and maintenance services. 


Your single-source solution for security needs, offering ease-of-use convenience and remote management services with turnkey execution:


  • Projects which require system design and engineering- often includes the integration of multiple systems such as Access and Intrusion
  • Typically represent commercial properties such as manufacturing/warehouse/distribution facilities, as well as industrial and corporate locations
  • Sentry specializes in opportunities to centrally integrate multi-site facilities and buildings
  • Focus on remote interactive connectivity functions such that systems provide information to improve operational efficiency, minimize corporate liability- as well provide asset protection
  • Jobs are generally hard-wire installations- wireless solutions require pre-approval
  • Varied pricing options to ensure minimum return thresholds are achieved

Integrated Security


Sentry Security specializes in advanced intrusion detection solutions for commercial buildings, schools, and municipal facilities. We are a full-service security systems integrator: our team manages system design, installation, monitoring, maintenance, and more.

Sentry’s video solutions provide 24/7 visibility into your security environment. Know what’s happening at your locations, reduce loss incidents, document events, enhance staff and visitor safety, and ensure optimal performance of a fully-integrated security system. Sentry’s overlay Artificial Intelligence services lets our software do the work most efficiently with reduced supervisory labor expenses.


Improve Operational Efficiency and Limit Liability

Security platforms that integrate Video, Intrusion and Access provide more than asset protection- Sentry solutions will provide data to audit and support operational processes, as well as provide information to defend incidents and events with forensic information. Sentry installs monitors and maintains the cameras, sensors, applications essential optimizing your business.

Features and Capabilities


  • All-in-one AI Cloud-based IoT and security platforms
  • Systems work on any device, anywhere, anytime
  • Monitor your premises with control and ease
  • A single keystroke can remotely broadcast upgrades and changes eliminating the need for site visits
  • Respond to emergencies fast and with accuracy
  • View events with time and date stamp
  • Plug and play connectivity and maintenance
  • Seamless integration with other systems Video security solutions that can scale for any size

Manage your security system using just a smartphone or mobile device:

  • Receive custom alerts regarding who uses the system and when
  • Add or delete users or change security levels
  • Remotely lock and unlock doors
  • Adjust thermostats, saving both energy and money
  • Remotely turn on/off lights, signs, electronic equipment or other devices

Why Choose Sentry Security


  • Installed over 20,000 integrated security systems
  • Currently provides recurring alarm services on 7,000 installed systems in greater Chicagoland
  • Majority of recurring customers are Commercial, Industrial and Corporate accounts
  • Closed 16 acquisitions from 2006-2017
  • One of the largest locally-owned security company 
  • We offer customers an integrated sole-source solution: one phone call for all security needs
  • Sentry gets to YES to make a system work for a customer, Sentry doesn’t say NO, we try to work with your existing system
  • Sentry focuses on the long-term relationship with the customer by providing recurring, value-added services 

Our Proven Process  


  • Our customers ask for Sentry techs by name.  Sentry customers appreciate the expertise and continuity of our veteran Field Technicians.
  • Sentry installs, monitors and services all types of Systems for all types of customers.  No other Chicago alarm company serves the Industrial, Corporate and Residential segments for Intrusion, Access, Video and Fire systems.
  • We are system agnostic.  Sentry extends and expands existing security systems- as opposed to starting over at the beginning with all new equipment.  Sentry does not represent proprietary manufacturer platforms.
  • Sentry has a positive Net Promoter Score (NPS), which means our customers refer Sentry services to other companies.  Sentry’s customer base averages more than 12 years and we have a 93.1% annualized customer retention rate- due in large part to Sentry being independent, competent, accessible and local.

Vertical Markets Expertise


  • Industrial (manufacturing, warehouse, distribution, trade businesses)
  • Healthcare (hospitals, urgent care and doctor offices)
  • Hospitality (restaurants, bars, stand-alone shops)
  • Finance (banks, credit unions, currency exchanges)
  • Specialty (jewelers & other high-risk customers requiring AA-rated insurance
  • Multi-site customers – campus environments (property managers, HOAs) and citywide retail networks (insurance, car rental)
  • Education (schools, daycare facilities)
  • Property Management (commercial and residential)
  • Government (park districts, village halls, court buildings)
  • Services 
  • Non-Profit (churches, charities)
Parkview Community Church

Parkview Community Church

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“The people we have dealt with have been extremely helpful and friendly. They know what they’re doing and are good at doing it!”


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“We are very happy to be dealing with Sentry Security!”


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