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Securing Material in the Warehouse Leasing Industry

Midwest Warehouse owns and leases warehouse space for companies to house their products and materials. They have 17 locations nationwide, with most located in the Chicagoland area. Midwest offers a full array of logistics services; however, a considerable part of their business is housing these products and then letting companies drop off and pick up stock from the warehouse when they need it. 

These warehouses are extremely busy, with scores of drivers and workers from customers coming and going throughout the day. Pairing this with the mass of products throughout the complex, the opportunity for theft is very real and highly enticing.

The Challenge:

Midwest Warehouse ownership approached Sentry to discuss having Sentry take over some other locations that were currently being serviced by several other security companies.   

The idea of dealing with one company opposed to four different companies would make the security part of the operation run much smoother. With ownership’s frustration growing and security budget shrinking, Sentry had no room for error. 

Sentry needed to evaluate each location and installation.  What came next was making some needed repairs including correcting faulty wiring, replacing outdated panels and correcting some cellular communication problems. In some cases, entire systems were replaced with new state of the art equipment with interactive capabilities and alerting features.  Midwest Warehouse also tasked Sentry with installing some fire alarm updates and new fire alarm monitoring systems..

Sentry was also presented with the challenge of preventing theft during hours when the system isn’t armed. With so much activity happening at all hours, this isn’t easy. 

How did Midwest Warehouse cut down on theft without the system being armed? The solution rested on the doors themselves.

The Solution:

Sentry performed a site analysis on each facility and equipped Midwest Warehouse with Total Connect from Honeywell. Total Connect allows the customer to interact remotely with their alarm system.  Remote arming and disarming, activity alerts, and reporting  capabilities all at their fingertips. This was attractive for Midwest Warehouse because they have 17 locations in 5 states, and all of their sites were now on one platform.  

But the ultimate solution that Midwest Warehouse was seeking was Sensor Notification. This allows management to receive SMS notifications if a door has been opened, opened repeated or opened for too long. These sensors work 24/7 even when the integrated security system is not armed. 

Sensor notification drastically reduces the opportunity for pilferage. Burglar alarms alone cannot provide the protection that warehouse leasing companies need because so many workers are coming and going. Plus it also lets the customer know when overhead doors are left open wasting energy which can be costly. Once management gets a text notification that a door has been open for too long, they can access the easy-to-use platform installed by Sentry and deal with the issue immediately.  

The Results:

Sentry exceeded the expectations of Midwest Warehouse and brought all of its security services from their 10 Chicagoland locations under the umbrella of Sentry Security. Theft and pilferage opportunities were greatly reduced, and leasing customers felt more secure. 

Since Midwest Warehouse brought Sentry onboard, they have fostered a great partnership. Sentry is proud of its employee retention, and customers can rest easy knowing that the same technicians will be servicing their accounts for years to come.