Integrated Security as a Service Case Study

Emergencies don’t wait.

A Sentry Security monthly-service subscription for our Rapid SOS

System is an affordable solution for our customers to ensure they are legally compliant with recent federal laws. The laws require security system upgrades to improve emergency response by quickly providing First Responders with critical, life-saving data. With our subscription model, upfront costs are reduced, and employee peace of mind is increased.

It’s the law.

The Keri law and Ray Baum’s Act apply to all security systems regardless of technology, including cloud-based systems installed after February 16, 2020, or any system receiving a significant upgrade. Failure to comply means risking fines and penalties at a $10K minimum and exposure to wrongful death liability to multi-line telephone system operators.

What the law requires.

Keri’s Law Requirements:

  • System must allow direct 911 access to 911 without any access codes.
  • System must provide on-site notification that the call has occurred and from what station.
  • On-site notification must be to a device on the premises or another on-site or offsite location.

RAY BAUM’S Act Requirements:

Any MLTS call to 9-1-1 must deliver a dispatchable location, including:

  • Street address: 123 Main St.
  • Floor: 9th Floor
  • Room # or Zone: Room 903/SE Corner

Our affordable proprietary security solutions don’t just meet the law. They surpass it.

Introducing 911inform. An all-encompassing emergency system for E911 calls.

The 911inform Location Discovery Service (LDS) Gateway sends a dispatchable caller location to local ECCs. Plus, 911inform supports NG911 i3, panic buttons, and intelligent building expansion.

It empowers first responders to:

  • Pinpoint the location of an emergency call’s origin while simultaneously notifying local authorities
  • Instantaneously access detailed maps and visuals of your premises
  • Instantly text key on-site personne
  • Instantly control the building’s security systems – including doors, lights, and security cameras.

ZEOREYES, is an intelligent video analytics platform for real-time weapon detection and alerts.   Here’s how it works:

  • Threat approaches, displays weapon
  • In milliseconds, ZeroEyes AI-backed tech identifies weapons and threat
  • Within three seconds, ZeroEyes has pushed out an alert and locked down protocols for building’s administrators, law enforcement, and first responders
  • ZeroEyes continuously updates law enforcement with images and a location of the threat
  • Rapid response on the way equipped with actionable information

With SaaS, avoiding expensive startup costs is one of the many advantages. Here are some other things that make Rapid SOS so valuable.

No more leasing. When looking for a new integrated security system or updating a current one, a Sentry Security monthly-service subscription allows for a lower initial capital outlay. (It also means you amortize  tax deductions over five years instead of taking them over a 40-year capital improvement.)  Our custom security system design, installation-back, and front-end, training, maintenance, repair, and upgrades are built into each pay-monthly service contract. Our subscription contract eliminates the need to train staff to configure new security additions, make technical adjustments, deal with upgrades, or replace outdated equipment. Instead, our experts come to your place of work to take care of all of that and much more. This high-touch responsiveness saves your team valuable time to do what they do best:running the business.

One predictable monthly payment and done.

Do you know any managers that love surprise cost increases in their operating budgets? We don’t know any either. With a Sentry Security monthly-service subscription there are never any financial surprises when protecting your business and employees.

No more paying for technology that speeds towards obsolescence.

Remember purchasing the newest, mobile iDesire version 11? Then the iDesire  12 was released, and your current mobilewas instantly ancient. The 11 still worked. But the iDesire 12 had a better camera for low light and longer battery life. The same rapid development in technology happens with security systems. Having Sentry Security monthly-service subscription gives you the flexibility to move within the term to upgrade to the latest and greatest by creating a new term period. This is a smart way to gain more control and have the latest security tech solutions.

We’re almost done talking about ourselves.

There are so many advantages of the Rapid SOS system and Sentry Security monthly-service subscription we wanted to leave you with these important thoughts one more time.

  • Initial lower cost to stay compliant,
  • Predictable monthly payments,
  • Ease of maintenance,
  • Ability to affordably upgrade outdated technology and stay up-to-date
  • More time to get to the business of running your business.

Now we’d love to hear from you. 

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