Reduce Upfront Cost & Keep Up With Latest Technology

The cost of security systems is skyrocketing, but there’s no need to break the bank. SaaS from Sentry can give you monthly access and peace-of-mind that your system will be functioning properly at all times with our affordable packages for businesses just like yours!

You can budget and plan for security expenses with monthly packages because you know what your total cost will be every month. This makes it easier than waiting until the end of an invoice cycle, when costs could change unexpectedly.

Security-as-a-Service Benefits

Monthly Security-as-a-Service is designed to greatly reduce upfront costs and roll the payments for the equipment into a reasonable monthly fee that includes:

  • Maintenance to make sure your systems are reaching their maximum potential
  • Inspections to identify any potential vulnerabilities and make improvements
  • Installations of any new equipment
  • Continuous monitoring of your systems to make sure they are operational
  • A long term relationship and resource with one of the most respected names in security

Sentry wants to make sure you’re protected and alleviate upfront costs that may be preventing you from getting adequate peace-of-mind. We also love fostering long term relationships by sharing 25 years of knowledge with all our clients so they can understand their system better, while helping them grow in confidence that their systems are protecting them and their buildings occupants.

We stay on top of all the latest technology so you don’t have to. Put your faith in Sentry to be your trusted consultants and understand what technology is best for your business.

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Our Security-as-a-Service Customers

By utilizing our Security-as-a-Service offering, our clients can be sure that they’ll never see charges for services outside of what was agreed upon. This makes us the most competitive in this industry and allows us to offer fair prices with peace-of-mind knowing you will not run into unexpected expenses each month as it is guaranteed within your contract!

Your Custom Security-as-a-Service Package

Sentry is excited to help you get covered with a reasonable monthly price while minimizing or eliminating upfront costs. We do not have a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to SaaS packages, as we are confident that our customized solutions will fit your needs and budget perfectly!

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