Hospitality Security Solutions

The hospitality industry is constantly evolving and so are the security measures within.

Although security began as a property protection function, modern risks and challenges, including those related to liability and compliance, necessitate the need for a holistic security strategy to be integrated into the location’s overall business plan to protect guests, assets and reputation.

We devise, install and maintain unobtrusive and powerful security solutions for:

  •       Hotels
  •       Restaurants
  •       Resorts
  •       Theaters
  •       Casinos

Security that guarantees memorable experiences

Modern security systems provide protection to guests without interrupting day-to-day operations and activities. Solutions that previously operated as standalone services must work together with features that cater to the uniqueness of each property.

Meet the lifestyle demands and ensure a safe environment for those inside the facility while facilitating comfort and ease-of-use convenience for those that manage systems and everyone they protect. Stay apprised of and comply with the latest Federal laws, including 911 calling capabilities as required by the RAY BAUM’S Act.

Our security technology also helps hospitality locations cut costs and increase operational efficiency through comprehensive and effective solutions.

Parkview Community Church

Parkview Community Church

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“The people we have dealt with have been extremely helpful and friendly. They know what they’re doing and are good at doing it!”


American Hotel Register

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“We are very happy to be dealing with Sentry security!”

Integrated Systems For Advanced Hospitality Security.

Gain new levels of intelligence to mitigate risks more effectively and proactively.